Hi! I am Allan.

As an elected School Trustee for the past 8 years, I am passionate about improving the quality of life for Canadians by representing their concerns, implementing policies to shape brighter futures, and supporting fiscal responsibility through balanced budgets.

I believe every person has a voice that matters for our community and country, and I want to make sure your voice is heard!

My History and Accomplishments

In 1990, I migrated to Canada with my family, where I was raised with strong family values, the importance of hard work, financial stewardship, education, and the ability to seek new opportunities.

With 20 years of experience in corporate business administration as an IT Sales Executive, I know what it takes to support young entrepreneurs and small businesses in our ever-changing high-tech business world.

My wife, Brenda, and I are raising 3 beautiful children, and I volunteer at my local church in the Children and Youth Ministry.

When my children first entered school in 2010, I was elected as a School Trustee for the York Region District School Board. My desire was, and always has been, to help parents better understand the education system, improve education policy, and improve the efficiency and handling of the budget.

In 7 years as a School Trustee, I:

-          Brought cost-effective governance as Budget Committee Chair, overseeing and balancing a $1.4 billion dollar budget

-          Established 3 new schools and a new high school in the district

-          Provided parents opportunities for input regarding the Health and Physical Education curriculum

-          Co-chaired several other committees and gave input to math strategies

-          Improved communication between the Board and the School Council 



Why You Should Vote For Allan

I believe my proven experience as a Trustee and businessman has laid the foundation for effective future leadership in order to represent Scarborough-Agincourt in Ottawa.

With careers in the public and private sector, I understand perspectives and issues important to organizations, employers and employees in both areas.

In my work with children and youth, I am well acquainted with the issues facing our young people today, and what needs to be done in order to protect them and help them succeed in life.

I brought cost-effective governance to YRDSB, which is what I will work for in Ottawa, and so much more.

I believe people are the power of government. That people from all walks of life have a voice to help shape the future of our community and country. That is why I am seeking the Conservative Party of Canada candidacy for Scarborough-Agincourt – because together, we can build a better Canada. 


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